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Be pampered in sheer luxury. Experience a heavenly ritual, by Simone, in Lichfield.


Reiki Treatments:

£26.00 - £38.00

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life force, a healing system involving the channelling of natural energy to help the mind, body & spirit. Reiki helps balance the flow of energy throughout the body.

30 minutes - £26.00 1 hour - £38.00


Indian Head Massage:


A wonderful and relaxing seated massage of head, neck, shoulders, upper back and face. The benefits are good for muscle tension, mental tiredness, headaches and eye straning. A real must for anyone with a stressful or busy lifestyle, a complete switch off, making you feel truly grounded

45 minutes

Relaxing Hot Stones Massage:


It is a deeply relaxing treatment using heated basalt stones and essential oils. The treatment involves gradual introduction of the heat by massage with the stones. It increases circulation, relaxes muscles and detoxifies it.

Back, neck & shoulder (30 minutes) Full body (1 hour) £48.00

Re-balancing back treatment


The back is exfoliated to get rid of dead skin cells, then a relaxing back massage to ease away the tension. A mask is applied to balance any impurities, then the back is moisturised to leave skin soft and smooth. Includes a chakra balance.

45 minutes

Muscle melt:


A deep tissue back massage. If you are suffering from aches and pains, this massage using arnica salve helps to ease away tension. It is a wonderful massage to have after sport, or a hard days work.

30 minutes

Reflexology :


Reflexology is based on the principal that there are zones running through the body which can be stimulated through the feet. It helps restore balance within the body.

50 minutes

Aromatherapy massage:

£26.00 - £39.00

A holistic treatment involving the use of essential oils to improve physical and emotional well-being. Essential oils are custom-blended to suit clients’ needs. It helps relieve stress, tension, pain, swelling and fluid retention.

Back, neck and shoulder (30 minutes) Full body (1 hour)


Cloud 9 Facial :


We start with a relaxing facial using the purest products, making it suitable for sensitive skin. A Palmarosa cleanse is followed by a white tea enriching mask, a scalp massage while you rest, and a tone and moisturise to finish. Following onto this, the feet are washed in cedar wood water, with a relaxing reflexology treatment to balance and restore. We will also provide you with an organic goody bag to take home

30 minutes

A Frankincense Anti-Aging Facial:


The gentle cleanse & exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. A relaxing massage to help you unwind. A firming facial mask is applied to tighten the skin then a gentle toner & frankincense hydrating moisturiser helping to soften the skin. A lip & eye cream to soften fine lines. Includes a touch therapy

1 hour

Heaven Facial :


( For sensitive or problem skins ) A deep cleansing facial including cleanse, full facial steam, exfoliation & extraction to remove blocked pores followed by a relaxing shoulder, neck & face massage. A treatment mask, tone & moisturise. A wonderful treat for your skin. Includes a touch therapy.

1 hour

Angel Eyes Facial


A signature facial to suit your skin type. Cleanse & exfoliate. A relaxing shoulder, neck & face massage then a mask and angel wings to cocoon you while you rest. Tone and moisturise and to finish eye gel to make you sparkle.

50 minutes


Hopi Ear candles:


Hopi Ear candles are a native American-Indian treatment. Candles are placed in the ear, the candles work as a chimney principle, drawing the impurities to the surface. They are suitable for many conditions including sinus congestion, sore throats, snoring, balance problems, ear ache, hay fever, glue ear, headaches and pain when flying. They are safe to use on children. The treatment also includes an aromatherapy facial massage.

30 minutes

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